DIY Postcard Ideas to Surprise Friends and Family


I love sending postcards to people because it always surprises. Suddenly postcards flashed in my genius art brain and this post was born!

A couple of years ago I graduated from a visual arts program at Sheridan College. After graduation I still had the art fever and signed up for more classes at the Ottawa School for Art in Ontario. There were wonderful classes at both schools and I came out of it with a lot of art. What should I do with it all? Voilà the DIY postcard ideas!

I got my stainless steel ruler, cutting mat and cutting knife, and banged out postcards.

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Me in my pyjamas! 😂

DIY postcard ideas are endless and of course they can go anywhere in the world. Send them to friends and family but why not sent them to co-workers? I lost my job along with every other Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack employee in Canada. They were happy to share a photo with me knowing I would be painting them.

There is no shortage of DIY postcard ideas on the internet – this ambitious artist came up with 100 postcard ideas!

What I really loved about this art project was the surprise aspect of it – my friends, family, and coworkers did not know when the postcard was coming. I sent 23 postcards, and it took a week to complete between adulting and sleep. Do not forget to add the postage. Here in Canada there is a difference between domestic, American, and international stamp prices.

Another way to give life to your drawings is to combine them with a different genre I show you in this blog and video post.

This DIY postcard project was also a good way for me to purge the art that was ultimately destined for the recycle bin. If you are an artist, you know what I am talking about. You have looked at that piece over and over, flipped it to the blank side, and wondered, should I re-use the back? Then you flipped it back to the bad art, and thought “what can I do to make it better?” My advice: quietly toss it.

And I have never felt better because now my bad art is out of sight and out of mind. I can focus on the present and the future.

This post was about DIY postcard ideas and I hope you are inspired to give new life to your old art!