Lagotto Romagnolo puppies seek loving families


Bundles of LOVE born on January 21, 2024.

4 boys and 1 baby girl, the gorgeous and still rare Lagotto Romagnolo – an Italian dog historically bred as truffle hunters and marsh dogs.

Lagotto Romagnolo_4 puppies
Click the photo to watch a 1-minute puppy action video

Our Lagotto Romagnolo’s are FCI registeredThe Fédération Cynologique Internationale – the largest International Federation of National Kennel Clubs and Purebred registries.

Lagotto Romagnolo_puppy in kennel
Why am I in detention?

DAM – she is from Bulgaria Verna, DARIA PRIMASOL # PKR.VIII-48104 register at 6690/XLVIII/21, and SIRE I Birbanti Sul Divano (FCI) DUCCIO registration # PKR.VIII-47984 /branch registration 6688/XLVIII/19. ( Duccio – Italian pedigree Lagotto)

The Lagotto breed is hypoallergenic – NO SHEDDING, health tested, vaccinated, dewormed, including puppy’s parents. DUCCIO (father) and SISSY (mother) are both with a superior pedigree DNA tested (test required by FCI).

Lagotto Romagnolo_Sissy Babies
Sissy is a loving mother

It is a medium-sized dog, and Lagotto’s make excellent family pets. They are sporting dogs and have incredibly warm personalities. Lagottos are fast learners, and the average life span is 15 – 17 years.

Lagotto Romagnolo_2 puppies
The puppies use the shelf as a bed

Lagotto Romagnolo puppies are available to join their new families. Puppies are microchipped, have a veterinary exam, and a health book with all the shots listed.

fatty 3 Lagotto puppies
We’ll fit in here!

Learn more about your puppy on their personal website by clicking here.

$3500 CDN negotiated with Barbara Jolanta Neuman

Lagotto Romagnolo_puppy on daddy
Puppy in her happy place

If you are interested in a Lagotto puppy, please message the delightful and energetic Barb through LinkedIn, or, her email below. Or, contact an Ottawa, Ontario local (myself) through my info below or the contact form on this website.

Lagotto Romagnolo_puppy sits

Backstory: Why I’m helping Barb sell her puppies… 20 years ago I was single momming in Vancouver, BC and stressing way too much. Barb showed up and made life interesting, creative, and purpose-driven. Our travels took us everywhere in separate directions but we have always listened to each other. Loyal friendships have their challenges, but they are not hard to figure out.

Barb and Gilda
Barb (middle) me (right). My 5-year-old took the picture.


[email protected] for Barb
[email protected] for Gilda