Artist Statement

I paint and draw from life, hallucination and fantasy stories. Colours are vital to my life. Stories are told with each line and the colours inside. My lines are energetic, “wonky” meaning out of alignment, but I take it as a compliment to mean: willful, playful. Subjects are lost without colour, but I see the colours before I lay them so I move ahead with confidence.

I feel that I live 2 separate lives. At night when I go to sleep, I dream in Technicolour. In the day, I am taking steps to live as much as possible. In my dreams I do not identify as a woman who paints and goes grocery shopping, I am my feelings and they are incomprehensible and charged.

Inspiration comes from the enigma of Giorgio de Chirico, the magic of Remedios Varo, the charging sexuality of Kent Monkman, and the neon greenery of life in outdoor Canada.

Beauty, weirdness, sex, magic and surrealism are my themes.

I love this lifetime of friends and family, fresh air, reflection, ecstasy, and universal cycling. But also bicycling because I’m a long-distance cyclist.

Gilda painted as F Kahlo
Oil/Digital photo/Acrylic